10 July 2012

Blogshare: Bull's Waaagghhh!

Bull's Waaagghhh!

My long-time gaming opponent Bull finally has a blog. It could have been about anything – he has too many models for too many gaming systems – but in the end it was always going to be about Orks!

He has started his blogging career showcasing elements of his rather big Ork army, some of it quite vintage, and he is an Ork at heart – win or lose, you know you've been in a fight and there is much randomness and comedy.

As a fledgling blog please support it, you may find something of interest too!

I was up at his place at the weekend and got a quick fly-by video of the Orks on parade – only a fraction of the entire army and constantly growing – so did a quick edit and you can find it on youtube.

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