24 August 2011

WIP: Perdita Ortega

Hot on the heels of her brother Santiago comes Miss Ortega herself. She's already proved herself in the three or four games she's starred in so far, it was only fair I showed her some love.

As you can see she's not there yet, but coming along nicely – hope to have her finished by the weekend. Then I need to finish off Nino and the Austringer, which shouldn't take long. Then I guess I'm back to the poor old third Death Marshal who has been constantly passed over for paint.

I look forward to the day I no longer have to paint anything brown!

For those people wondering, the base is one of my Boardwalk resin bases with a metal skull added for effect.


  1. Beautiful work, the shading in the folds of the pants looks great! Wow, really nice paint job.

  2. Thanks Papa JJ, I've had enough practic with Bestial Brown and Bleached Bone now I could probably paint it in my sleep. Looking forward to finishing off this particular model.

    When I get around to painting Francisco Ortega I will try to do a bit of a step by step so that everyone can see how easy it is to paint them like this.

  3. She's a beautiful big girl and bloody well painted so far sir.

  4. Cheers.
    Yes… I lurve this model (maybe a little too much!)

  5. Beautiful work!
    What color did you use for the skintone?

  6. Thanks K.
    GW Vermin Brown was the base colour with Bleached Bone mixed in to highlight. Gives a more exotic look to the skin than my usual Bestial Brown basecoat.