07 August 2011

More DIY Malifaux bases…

Some of you may remember my previous post about my Malcontent project, creating bases and scenery for Malifaux. Two months has almost passed since that post and things have not been idle. I have been testing my resin casting process to erradicate (as much as possible) any bubbles given that I don't have the facilities or space to use a vacuum chamber of any kind. Things have now reached a point where I am happy with the process, more to come in a future post.

This post is to give a sneak peak at the next few bits in production. You saw the Boardwalk bases in the original post, this was swiftly followed by a set of Bamboo bases (pictured above right after the devastation of the mould-making process and below showing the first few test pieces) which were designed for my Kirai crew.

This weekend a new set has been added to the ever expanding range – Sewer bases for my new Sonnia Criid crew (below). The photo shows them as of 5 minutes ago where the bulk of the construction is complete, just a few bits of greenstuff required to finish them off.

Stay tuned for more info…


  1. Glad to you you have found a groove with the posting and with Malifaux. The bases look great, full of character.

  2. The bamboo ones look superb - you're planning on producing and selling your bases? Or did I just imagine that?

  3. Thanks guys.

    @Andy. Yes, you are correct – at some point I shall be selling these bases together with bits of scenic 'furniture' for each set.