17 April 2011


After an afternoon at Salute yesterday Lady Justice got a bit more attention, to the point she is almost complete. I want to redo her skin and add some more shadows to her hair. I also need to finish her sword handle and part of a holster I missed!

The Judge got some time last night too, plus a bit more today. I had to stop as I am struggling to identify a couple of bits on his weapon and boots – bit of picture searching later on to resolve that. His cloak came out quite well after a lot of work, and I managed to pull his hair round after it was in a real state. His jeans were painted to match Justice, as will the Death Marshals'. My attempt at nmm is improving, but I've decided to stick with it for a couple of reasons – 1. I'm stubborn and really want to crack it and 2. I think the comic book feel it adds is great and would be lost going back to metallic paint, though I nearly caved last night.

The Death Marshals have been waiting patiently for their turn under the spotlight, and they each got 5 minutes this afternoon as I added some layers to their cloaks. It's all looking a bit ropey at the moment, but I'm not worried as this is how The Judge's looked 24 hours ago.

I also have my first game(s) booked in the diary for the beginning of May so there is a deadline. Unfortunately I am away for two weeks between now and then, so I get a couple of evenings this week and a couple the week I get back before show time. If I can get the Judge and Justice finished and varnished I'll be happy – not too worried about the Marshals, and I don't want to rush them.

I also want to build a 3x3 gaming board for the game – just the board, no terrain – which will dent my painting time available. I have board cut to size, and I have a painting plan. If everything goes as I would like it should look pretty cool and I will of course blog all about it's construction.


  1. They're all looking good mate, I love the colour scheme, the brown is particularly nice - very "Western" looking, great job!

  2. Cheers Andy – appreciate it :)