03 September 2016

The Dream Team Are Coming…

Amongst the recent re-painting of Dark Templar marines and Eldar ready for our project "40k in 40 minutes in 4th edition", I managed to get a couple of other models based and undercoated.

I picked out the two survivors from my Zombicide: Black Plague dream team that Mr Awdry and Bull haven't painted between them and got them some paint.

The first is Cadence, my medieval sniper, with her wolf pelt outfit. Then there is Theo, my sprinter. He looks like a stereotypical fantasy adventurer with his cape, two-handed sword and bow. Looking forward to seeing them in a more colourful state, and hopefully they'll provide a good break from all that purple (space marines) or red (eldar) that's in my painting future.

However, I'm away on holiday this week with the family – the first real holiday in two years, the first since junior was born – so no painting or hobby time available (except thinking about it… what I'm best at!)


  1. Have a great holiday Mike, looking forward to seeing these with more colour on when you get back.

  2. Just catching up after you fell off my blogroll for some reason. 40/40 sounds good. I still use 5ed when I can persuade people that it's fine.