16 September 2016

40k Eldar: Revised Red Recipe

My painting progress continues at a snail's pace, but continues nonetheless. I have a confession to make however, I went out at the weekend and bought some GW paint from a GW store - I know, I know, I'm ashamed.

I was intending to use my traditional red recipe for the Eldar, but have run out of my usual stuff. I did like the red scheme from the latest Warhammer AoS Khorne models and so after some investigation went out and bought several pots of red paint. I did manage to refrain from buying any models - they are so expensive in-store compared to online, plus it's not like I don't have a the model backlog from hell!

I have spent the last couple of evenings tinkering with this weapon platform base, while I get my new recipe worked out in my head. I went a bit further than normal with the highlights, eventually pulling them back with a red wash. Now that I've resolved this I'm hoping I can forge ahead and get a couple of bits on the go at the same time. I just need to get some magnets dropped into the platform and various guns and I'll be set.

More soon.


  1. That's a lovely, hot red. What's the accent colour? - I assume you're going with the traditional two colours for your eldar?

    1. Thank you sir. My palette consists of Red, Black and White but my Black has a blue 'shiner' in it so the highlights have a bit more life. All will become clear when I showcase my Warlock :D