15 September 2016

40k: Eldar Painting Continues

So after a week's holiday I've managed to get into something of a routine with the painting, every evening getting an hour in before everything has to be packed away. It will be short lived as there is decorating to be done, but I'm taking the opportunity to move things forward.

The initial part of my new 40k in 40 minutes for 4th edition Eldar army will consist of a basic Guardian squad and Warlock. The only bit, as you can see, that needed building was the support weapon crew - I only had metal ones previously and they kept falling over so I jumped at the chance of having plastic ones.

So far the red has gone over the top of the old purple armour scheme very easily and, if I'm very careful, won't involve repainting the white Guardian helmets (I've botched a couple with a wayward brush!). For the raw plastic, I'm undercoating in the dark brown, then giving it a second layer as a basecoat - the image above shows this on the support weapon base. Since this photo was taken I have added several layers of red on top of the basecoat and these different elements are starting to come together in a glorious sea of scarlet. The weapon crew will have to be undercoated black however, if they are to look the same as the rest of the guardians.

My plan is to magnetise the support weapon base so that I can swap out the weapon itself without the need for blu-tac. If I can get this little group finished I'll feel like I've achieved something not seen here in a long time - finished miniatures!!!

To be continued.

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