20 November 2012

Liebster Blog Award…

You may have seen this image kicking around the blogsphere for the last week, giving lots of people a warm fuzzy feeling and promoting of hobby sites within the community.

Imagine my surprise when tracking through my bloglist I read that Brovatar from Den of Imagination (currently one of my favourite blogs – very talented – you HAVE to go and see his Horus project) had awarded me for my chaos marines!

Many thanks to Brovatar!!

Now for my part. I know that you're only supposed to award blogs with less than 200 followers but I've decided to award the blogs that I feel most worthy.

This blog belongs to my gaming opponent Bull. It's an up and coming diary about his wargaming, currently dishing out banter in my direction as we head towards our big game of 40k.

Don't Throw a 1
Ray Rousell is a peerless historical gamer and (from what I hear) Supreme Master of the Universe. The sheer volume of models he paints is stunning and I am in awe.

The Lair of the Breviks
Andy is a star of miniature painting, a genuine talent. His blog showcases his latest projects and has become a real inspiration.

Brother Joseph's War Art
I've been following Brother J's blog most recently for his ongoing sculpting projects which are very exciting. Definitely worth a visit!

The Angry Lurker
Even though Fran has more followers that I thought possible (probably the reason he hasn't been nominated before) his blog deserves an award. Always entertaining, never apologetic, it's pretty much the first place I visit on my blogsphere journey in the morning. Very supportive member of the community.


  1. I'd like to accept this on behalf of my mum, kids and jock the dog!!! Cheers Andy!
    Fran said he doesn't want the award the miserable git!

  2. Very many congratulations Mike, richly deserved.

  3. Sorry Mike, not sure where the Andy came from???

  4. Cool my Dark Brother, cool. I do keep an eye on you too, your work is very much like mine back in my GW Years...Lol!

    You are a keeper...

    Who is that Liebster fellow?


  5. You're welcome guys.

    I don't normally take much notice of these things, but I think it's been good for highlighting lesser known blogs.

    There are so many great blogs that I read on a daily basis, just a pity I only had five to award. Apologies if your blog was not included.