15 November 2012

40k: Visions…

Terminus was plagued by a series of strange visions…

…war was coming!


  1. Heh.. love it when you can have an arch nemesis to play against, and can do such little pieces alongside your army. Can't wait to see the reports and the final armies!

  2. Brilliant; trash talking hits the 40K universe!

  3. This is a little teaser –
    a poke in the eye for Bull and his Dark Angels, plus a taste of what's coming for everyone else!

  4. Obviously its a dream of what might have been....

    Its like a wish list, but on this occasion, its is just that, a pipe dream....

    I would say that properly analysed .... it represents fear of the FIRE & BRIMSTONE that will be dealt to those foolish enough to visit the world of the Dark Angels.