09 November 2012

Fire & Brimstone, Death & Disease…

The scouts had returned.

Lord Maladus had been ambushed and his recon force virtually wiped out. The wily Chaos Lord was not so easily taken down and had escaped with a handful of his retinue. Losses were never acceptable and Maladus would pay the price, however, he had drawn the enemy out from the shadows…The Dark Angels.


Now that they knew who they faced, the planning and scheming could begin. Lord Terminus smiled to himself, the corrupted respirator fused to his face concealing his amusement from those around him. He would lead a force to the planet Cherbull and engage the astartes there. He would break their will, corrupt their minds and rot their flesh. He would bring them into the fold and he would be rewarded for it. 

Once these Dark Angels had been crushed he had free reign to pollute the entire system and give Father Nurgle the foothold needed to invade the known universe.

And so the trash-talk has begun ahead of our first major 6th Edition battle. Visit Bull's Blog to catch up on the Dark Angel perspective and his preparation for war.

(and why is Lord Terminus leading my troops? Because this is the end of the line…!!)


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  1. 'The end of the line' - well you have got that right !!!

    You are going down - burn baby, burn!