28 January 2016

Pre-fight Update

It's less than 48 hours until I will be journeying across town to Bullcher Towers for this month's game day. The plan is for Bull and I to have a game of Guild Ball followed by a game of Frostgrave – however, things don't often go to plan.

My preparations have been non-existent as life has barged it's way in. Job searching and poorly family members have derailed my pre-game plans for this week, so it will be a bare bones affair from me alas. I don't even have a D20 dice to use!

I have managed to get some black undercoat on my three remaining Guild Ball players. I'm really looking forward to playing this again. The extra players on each side will ramp up the options and things will no doubt play out very differently from last time.

As for Frostgrave, I chose my warband quite quickly – even printed out lots of reference sheets and spell cards. The intention was to put together some models and give them a quickie base colour in time for Saturday. When that wasn't going to happen I looked for stand-ins amongst my model collection but I'm still a couple short. My warband may look a bit eclectic at the weekend!

Still I have one full evening remaining so anything could happen!

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