29 September 2014

Post 500: Happy Birthday To Me!

This weekend was meant to be pure hobby time as part of my birthday celebrations – my birthday actually being today. I'd been looking forward to it for weeks but when the day came there were just too many jobs that needed doing around the house. As a reward for my hard work, yesterday I got to go baby-furniture shopping with my wife and mother-in-law… for the entire day. Not such a great birthday weekend!

But not to worry, this time last year I was in Ireland and the year before in California so I don't have much to complain about really. Time is flying by at the moment and we're down to ten weeks before junior is due to make an appearance. It's all getting a bit real.

I did place an order for the Monastic Scenery Set from Tabletop Workshop this weekend. Looking forward to that arriving and I will do a full review of all the pieces included. With this in mind I will be going back to my gaming board as promised and taking another look at that. I think for this first board I will do something quite straightforward so that I have something complete, rather than trying to be too clever and not getting finished.

My plan is to get a simple board and one including water under my belt relatively quickly (for me) and then invest in the TW Castle and do a board based around that. Before I can get stuck into that properly I need to sort out the garage to create some space for it all.

I'm also very conscious that I talk a good talk regarding new projects and none of them seem to get very far (hence my previous post about my Haul of Shame). I think by pitching expectations lower initially I could achieve some of my goals, rather than being too creative or elaborate and adding to my list of fails.


  1. Happy Birthday! I know what you mean about getting new projects underway.

  2. Happy Birthday, and good luck with the little one.
    Never forget, you must always have unpainted models and unfinished modeling projects in the house. it means your still sane, still have a job and still alive. :-)

  3. Happy birthday and that's exactly why I'm starting up again with a small diorama. I know if I start on something too big or open-ended, I'll grind to a halt again.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday mate.. not the most excited one, but compared to what you stated about previous ones.. I think you needed a more quiet one this year! Especially with Junior on their way.

  5. A very Happy Belated Birthday - is it really only 10 weeks to go?