15 September 2014

More Woodland Terrain Inspiration…

The lack of posts here over the last ten days was due to a very needed break down to Devon for myself and Mrs DT. We managed to time it perfectly for the weather and being in a village with no capacity for technology, I spent many an hour longing for the number 3 and letter G to appear at the top of my phone screen in the hope of grabbing a few moments online. Not to be, but the time away has been very beneficial.

As I usually do when returning from a holiday this time of year, I have a collection of photos to inspire your terrain building. These came from Lydford Gorge in Devon. Enjoy…

This trip has given me fresh inspiration to go back and look at my Saxon/Norman models and terrain. I really feel the need to finish my small gaming board, which embarrassingly was started a year ago. However, with a 4000pt game of 40k due in 8 weeks time and a small child due in 13 weeks time I'm not sure how much of a look in the gaming table will get.

However, I am due to finish one major project this week so that should allow me to complete the monstrous list of decorating chores during the week, not just weekends – I may be able to dig out my paints again!

Normal service should resume on the blog now as the build up to the next game begins. I have an evening of Zombicide booked in for Thursday so looking forward to rolling some dice again!


  1. Great photos Mike! Looks like a lovely vacation. Reference material is always appreciated!

  2. A little inspiration and suddenly another project is launched. Good for you.