19 September 2014

Gaming Update…

This week has been rather significant in both work and play – or rather the two combined.

I have been working on the Aetherium miniatures board game for over a year now, on behalf of Anvil Eight Games. Just after the Kickstarter was funded I went and got myself a full time job, which made time very limited. Add into the equation, the discovery that my wife was pregnant with our first child and things started to get crazy!

However, determined to see the initial project through to completion I made a commitment to finish it, ready for print. That happened this week with the completion of the box graphics and brings my time on the project as lead graphic designer to an end.

I have to say that the project has been a pleasure to work on – even when it looked like it would never be finished. Kudos to Brian and Chris who have kept the momentum going, despite having full time jobs of their own and all sorts life stuff to deal with. The final game is simply stunning (if I say so myself) and all the folks involved have done a tremendous job of pulling everything together, making my life easier in the process. This became very apparent as I put together the final graphic for the box showing the entire contents (not unlike the image to the left). I'm very proud of it all and can't wait to see it come back from the printers.

I also got to see some of the ideas for upcoming models and expansions for Aetherium. The Ikaru were seen on the Kickstarter, but the other new stuff looks simply amazing. Exciting times.

Last Stand: Even with a shotgun, it's not looking good for Ned!

I celebrated the return of my weekday evenings with a night of Zombicide with Chris W. It was his first experience of the game and he got the full zombie nightmare treatment as unlucky draws and badly shuffled cards turned even the tutorial game into a horror show.

The F-Word: Despite being able to wield a pan like a ninja, Amy's days are numbered!
Our second game of the evening featured all six survivors, trying to collect objectives. Alas, no decent gear emerged from searches (just more zombies) – my Amy character has a frying pan, a box of ammo and two bags of rice!! – and, once reduced to one item between us that would open doors, things went from bad to worse. Before long the board was full of 'fatties' and one by one the survivors dropped. The last survivor, Wanda, managed to grab the third of four objectives before succumbing to a walker bite and ending the game.


  1. Congratulations on the new addition to the family-you must be over the moon!

    1. We are indeed Anne – the adoption had to go on hold!