07 February 2014

Blood Bowl: Coach DT

I've always liked the idea of having your support characters (apothecary, cheerleaders, etc) physically present at the side of the pitch during a game. Bull has put this into great effect, firstly by hiring a Referee, then McMourning and the Nurses took a position in the dugout. His recent addition was… him!

Yes, Bull posted a week or so ago about his coach model that would be representing him on the sidelines. It wasn't until our recent game that I appreciated how cool this was – between the custom dugouts, the referee, the coach and a few advertising boards thrown in, you really start to create an atmosphere on game day.

I have seen a few Necromancer models that would make great Undead coaches, as well as some Dreadlords that would fit in well with the Dark Elves. However, I wanted a model that would reasonably fit both my teams. The answer came to me at 2am the other night when I woke up with this guy (above) pictured in my head. A quick visit to the attic this afternoon and here he is. The Albion Dark Emissary is a superb model – creepy enough for the Undead and (if painted appropriately) just about suitable for the Dark Elves. A perfect proxy for me on the sidelines.

With the next game featuring the Darkblades versus the Rats, I have some serious modelling and painting to do – stay tuned!