20 February 2014

Building A Blood Bowl Team… part 6

It's been a while since we saw the new-look Darkblades, so I thought it time for an update.

You may remember that my Runner – Rakiri Razorwing – missed the last game against the Rats after getting injured in the Darkblades' opener versus the Orkland Raiders. Well I thought she should get some special treatment as I'm expecting big things in the next game.

Just a week away now, the rematch with the Boomtown Rats is starting to simmer already. I've slowly managed to get some paint on the Runner. I experimented on the skin tones using Vermin Brown, Dwarf Flesh, Elf Flesh and a little White. The ball made use of Vermin Brown again, with a little Black. I also wanted her to have contrasting hair so went with my old favourite Coal Black!

At some point I will look at adding some tones to the armour and picking out detail, though this is unlikely to happen before the big game. I also promise I WILL paint the eyes!

My two heroes on the Dark Elf team need to be looking the part too. Adin Heartrender, on the left, you already know – the 'dude' on the right is Nenil Spinescourge, scorer of my second TD against the Rats. He got some greenstuff love this evening, with a number disk on his back and knuckle duster.

I'm hoping to get a little colour on these, as well as my two other Blitzers, in time for the game – slowly work the new plastic models into the team. I'm happy to use the old linemen for now as the plastic ones need a lot of work and I'd rather concentrate what little time I have on these opening five models. It also frees up the Witch models that I've been using as stand-in Blitzers. Hoping to add one to the team sheet very soon.

More soon…

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