02 January 2014

Building a Blood Bowl Team… part 1

Anyone following the blog recently will have seen my Blood Bowl exploits with the Undead. A late substitution for the big game a few weeks back, I thought they'd be more solid as my starting team for learning the rules again. As it turned out they have similar advantages to my Orky opponents… except the Orcs generally do them better.

The rematch just a few days ago made me realise that I might continue to struggle against the Orcs if I couldn't pick up some more points and skills. The Undead just don't seem to be able to cope when in possession of the ball. Some of this is down to my lack of experience, some to the abilities (or lack) of my team, and a rather large chunk to the fact that Nuffle  – the deity overseeing Blood Bowl is a pun on the pronunciation of NFL – has taken a disliking to me and I continue to roll horrific results on the dice.

I updated my Undead roster and had to order some new models, so I decided to put them on the back burner until the new additions had arrived and were painted. In their place would step the original Dark Elf team that I had shelved just 48 hours before our first game.

I have read blogs and watched a few videos about how they should work and are a complete contrast to my Undead team. Maybe these would be a better fit to my play style, despite being more difficult to master it seems.

With the next scheduled game due tomorrow I put together a starting roster which, according to various authorities, gives a good balance to begin with. I made sure every player had a name – this will help generate the kind of characters that are already developing on the Orc and Undead teams. I will also get some bonuses on the day if facing the Orcs because they have developed several players and have a higher team value.

With that sorted I needed to look at models…

The original models I bought have had some fresh paint on them and were starting to look the part. I don't have all the appropriate models to match the starting roster, so the Witch Elves will have so stand in as the additional Blitzers for now.

I started painting them with the best of intentions, but the limited sculpts and their very old Citadel looks started to turn me off. Not a good start.

The last thing I need right now is a new project but I couldn't stop this one bursting out. I decided I wanted to make my own bespoke Dark Elf team using Dark Eldar plastics. I've seen a few examples online and they have the potential to look just downright awesome. I want a team of superstars!

Online purchases were made over Christmas, with an imminent arrival. There should be plenty of extras to make any additional/star players needed and the versatility allows me to make something unique to me.

The new plastic Warhammer Witch Elves kit looks fantastic and will be perfect when the time comes to add some to the team. However, at £35 for ten of them (when I only need two) is very excessive. If I do decide to go that route I will probably take what I need and sell the rest on Ebay to recoup some of the cost. I don't buy my models direct from GW so should get them a little cheaper to begin with.

So that's the plan.

This series of blog posts will track the construction and painting of my new plastic Dark Elf Blood Bowl team, track their game results and compare tactics and models with the Undead, my only other Blood Bowl experience. I'll also track the financial cost and time involved in building the new team.

Long live the Daggeroth Darkblades!!

Part Two…


  1. Best of luck with the game, loving the new project!

  2. dark elves are not an easy team to play, especially bare as you have them.

    recommend you still attempt to protect ball first before pick up. you've been rolling the equivalent of double 1's a lot which is enough to drop the ball.

    I personally hate starting without the witch, but she can be a liability. The runner is tempting since it's only 10k more than a lineman, but trust me avoid "planning" to use dump off - first off you still get hit, so his AV7 will hurt you there, and second you cannot use a team reroll on dump off or the catch, since it technically is not your turn. you are already looking at minimum 3+ (there will be at least 1 tackle zone on you from the blitzing player), followed by 2+ and that's if there is no interception.

    use him as your ball carrier but try to score your TDs with the blitzers.

    every time you receive, pick 1 lineman to try and pickup and attempt a pass to get 1spp, then if he gets MVP that's a skill. it's 3x 2+ in a row, don't reroll them unless the ball is close enough to opponent for them to get to it, and in that case you shouldn't necessarily attempt.

    1. The witch's liability and cost is what kept me away. I wanted something solid to begin with facing Orcs.
      I like the idea of some easy passes at the back.

  3. You do not have enough rerolls. It is shocking how often a 1 shows up when you have no ball handling or dodge skills. My personal starting list is 2 Blitzers, 2 Runners, 7 Lineman, and 3 rerolls.

    1. I hear what you're saying but I'm leaning towards having all the Blitzers as early as possible, especially as I'm facing Orcs.

  4. Looking forward to ward to seeing how you get on here, I've always wanted a dark elf team and the dark eldar Wycherley are ideal as substitutes as you say, I almost tempted to get a box, and get cracking but I've got enough projects as it is.

    Good luck with the team!

    1. Thanks Nick.

      My hope is that because Blood Bowl has a limit on models this project won't get out of hand!