16 May 2013

Secret Update…

The blog's been a little quiet these last couple of weeks. Usually the excuse would be to do with life getting in the way, but actually it's hobby stuff getting in the way of other hobby stuff. Fantastic!!

I'm in the middle of working on a secret hobby project (aren't we all). Some of you will be aware of some of the details, some of you will not have a clue what I'm talking about. In time I will be doing a massive post about it – I want everyone out there to pitch in and help when the time comes – but in the meantime it means that I'm not getting a lot of time to do my usual painting and blogging.

In other hobby news I have just received a copy of the SAGA rulebook. This game has intrigued me for a little while. I've seen some videos about how it plays, read some reviews, but I wanted to have a look for myself. A rather low-tech (stapled) book but it's well printed and it's a good read. The jury is out on the game itself – I'm not paying £12 for a handful of 'special' dice – but it's a good addition to the rulebook collection. With all these plastic Viking kits kicking about at the moment, it wouldn't take much investment to put a small army together.

In related news, I've been building a few of the plastic Gauls from the Warlord Games' boxset that arrived recently. I also managed to have a read through the Hail Caesar rulebook that came with it – again, an interesting read and good addition to the collection, but not convinced the system is for me… far too many models to buy and paint.

I have also been re-reading my Warmachine rulebooks. I've got quite into the Cryx stuff at the moment as my painting outlet and there's a rumour that Fugs wants a game to learn how it plays.

Hopefully I might have some photos that aren't secret to show you next week!


  1. Who doesn't like a secret project, Ray bought the Saga rules and dice over a year ago, I still haven't seen them yet!

  2. Looking forward to the big reveal!