27 March 2013

Pre-Salute thoughts

With a little over 3 weeks to go until our day out at Salute I thought I'd have a look back over the last 12 months, the purchases made, and what I'm expecting from this year's event.

Last year the purchasing focus was Hordes/Warmachine, though the Malifaux interest was lingering.

As you can see from the image above I picked up an Everblight starter box, plus an epic Lylyth. The box set is complete, alas the epic warlock remains unfinished. The Cryx warcaster remains pretty much as you see him, as do the the bonejacks. The Hordes templates were used just the once in our trial game but I've read the Everblight army book to death. I'm embarrassed to say that the terrain is not painted, and in some cases still in the box.

So, with the exception of the Everblight starter box, not a terribly well used set of purchases in the last 12 months. I did buy additional Everblight models over the summer which were painted – e.g. the long-tailed Raek and Forsaken (to the right of photo above). I haven't even built much of the Cryx stuff I bought in the run up to Salute. However, these were not wasted purchases. I am still very interested in Warmachine / Hordes so will come back to them.

So what about this year?

Well, I have a completely different agenda this time around. I don't need any more purchases for my gaming at the moment – 40k has had enough spent on it and X-Wing has no new releases yet – so it's down to anything that looks shiny on the day. No, this year it's all about the more historical side of things.

You heard it here first – I have a secret project up my sleeve. Very secret. It involves very little painting of miniatures but Salute has surfaced at the perfect time for me to facilitate other aspects of the project. As such, my trip to Salute this year will be a fact-finding mission. I will be looking more closely at the demo games on display – might even get my hands dirty, you never know.

That's not to say that I won't be spending any money – please, it's Salute!


  1. Famous last words "That's not to say that I won't be spending any money"

    1. Yup. Please rephrase it to *I will definitely be spending lots of money as there will be lots of "oooh, shinies" there to part me from my cash*

      See you there!

    2. I think it's very unlikely that I will be coming home empty-handed!

  2. If there is a bloggers meet I might just bump into you. Similar thoughts with regard to spending, I'm not going with a shopping list but with an open mind (and no doubt open wallet!)

    1. I can't decide if not having a shopping list is good or bad. I may spend less money or (without guidance) I may spend a lot more than intended!