14 March 2013

One Year Ago…

I saw this topic posted on Tamsin's Wargaming Girl blog and thought I'd have a quick look to see what I was doing this time last year.

The result was rather spooky.

On 14th March last year I posted about a game of Malifaux against my regular opponent Fugs.

Kirai Meets The Twins…

It was the next chapter in my battle to beat Fugs' Neverborn crew with my fledgling spirits, which hadn't been going too well up to that point. In fact I was finding it rather demoralising and was verging on something of a sulk rather than embracing the challenge.

It turned out to be our last game, for various reasons, and I haven't really played Malifaux since.

I didn't hear from Fugs for a very long time until just recently he got in touch again. He now has his own place in town and was very much up for some gaming again. Had the snow not ground the local area to a standstill we should have had a game of something this week, but it has been rescheduled for next Tuesday. Spooky that it will be almost a year to the day between games against Fugs.

As we approached Salute last year my interest and blog topics drifted towards Warmachine and Hordes and Malifaux has rarely been seen since. The release of the latest book 4 did nothing to reignite my interest – in fact I don't even own it. The new plastic models didn't inspire me either and I sold all the GenCon bits I'd bought. I do still like the game and would look forward to playing again, alas the leviathan that is 40k has taken centre stage again and looks set to dominate for a while yet.

But you know me, I'll always be distracted by shiny things – which reminds me, I never did paint those Batman figures at Christmas!


  1. It doesn't seem that long ago since Salute last year. I remember your posts and what you bought.

    Don't worry about not painting any of that stuff. That's what lead mountains are for.

    1. Yes, I remember what I bought too and ashamed to say too much of it hasn't been built or painted yet!

      But that's not the point of the show – it's an opportunity for the shiny things to overwhelm you!!

  2. Its quite amusing as I sometimes don't post regularly sometimes it will be twice a week and then others it dies off a little bit.

    I did make a post on the 14/03 lol it was about 4x4 jeeps and a granny with a shotgun lol.

  3. Gosh I remember those and as for reminding me about Batman - shame on you.