24 February 2012

Malcontent on hiatus

Yes, I've made the decision to take a break from the bases for a couple of months.

The reaction to the bases – Bamboo series especially – has been great in the main. I've come under some criticism for not having a pressure casting arrangement (seriously…in my kitchen?!) as well as not expanding the range quickly. This has been tempered by some great feedback from people who bought the bases and have used them.

The plan was always to expand the range – and still is – but the project has got to the point where I'm spending what little hobby time I have making bases for other people and not actually spending time on my own hobby. That was never the deal. In addition, after long hours at work and juggling domestic duties, etc. I spend my evenings packing and posting orders. Basically it has become a second job at a time when I don't have the time.

I'd like to say a big thank to you folks for buying the bases and all the interest shown in the Malcontent project generally. The response since New Year has been phenomenal and the bases I had in stock sold out in 3 weeks.

I will be taking the next couple of months – or so – away from the base selling. I will be expanding the range a little and casting up some new stock, then around Salute 2012 time – at the end of April-ish – I will post some more sales up on Ebay. Ideally I need to find a third party to cast up the bases in bulk and take that responsibility away from me so that I can concentrate on designing new stuff, but that is more of a long term goal.

Over the coming weeks you should see more general hobby posts, painting, etc on the blog. I will post any new base designs I've done and keep everyone up to speed on progress so stay tuned.


  1. Are you going to be there at Salute? I'll be prowling the halls with the Ancible team. We should do a bloggers meet-up if you are :-)

  2. That's a shame, I actually gave your bamboo bases a good review and think for the price they're a damn fine option. I hope you can sort your production out. Good luck with it.

  3. @Andy
    Yes indeed – myself, Bull and Fugs should be there all being well. I was thinking of getting some Malcontent t-shirts done to help identify us. Be great to meet up!

    I must have missed your review, sorry. Thanks for all the support.

  4. That's too bad - I loved your bases. Got them just a little too late for my Kirai crew, but I've been saving them for my next crew down the line. Not sure what that's going to be yet. Don't let the criticism get you down - they're great options.

  5. Where they doing well for you financially as they were lovely work but you got to be happy at the end of the day my friend....

  6. Hi mate,

    here's the link to my review:


    I think I was fair. ;)

    1. Shame to hear it, love your bases and have been meaning to order another set of Sewers for weeks... understandable when things start eating in to your time though
      Will be keeping an eye out eagerly for their return

  7. Love your work, but it's one of the bugbears about being a solo entity.

    But where's there a will, there's a way. Don't give up totally - sometimes it's all about timing.

    Thank you for joining me round the hearth, tis good to have your company. Hope you find something that interests you there :)

    Kind regards,

    Mar ED

  8. Having only just seen those bases (especially the sewers ones), I hope these are on sale again somewhere at some point.

    Pulp Citizen - another blogger attending Salute. :)