07 February 2012

Painting Beauty and the Beast

More painting progress was made on Kirai over the weekend.

Some more washes were added to her dress and green scarf. This will need to be tidied up slightly where it has overspilled at some point. I also worked up her skin tones – I wanted something quite pale but she started to look ill so I pulled it back. Unfortunately the  build up of paint layers on her face combined with her dark eyes makes her look rather like Amy Winehouse, but on the tabletop the effect is sufficient. I added basecoat colour to her hair to make her look a little more human for our game this week.

I also started work on Ikiryo, with the intention of painting her in a similar style to the master – Kirai gone bad if you will. Being that Ikiryo is a spirit I wanted to paint her up in slightly lighter tones than Kirai so that there was a visual difference on the tabletop.

The hope is that these two models can be finished over this coming weekend and I can then move on to the rest of the crew. The models chosen to be painted next will depend purely upon their performances on the battlefield – step up or stay white!


  1. Those are looking really nice matey. By the way I'm hoping to be able to do the review of your bases by the weekend. I've got most of the review sorted in my head but I want to get the review right and not rush it. And this week is pretty damn hectic for me so it might end up being early next week.

  2. Great stuff!

    Just started a Kirai crew - my first also - so I have been looking at painting schemes. I am still not sure I picked the right one for me as it seems too complicated and hand dependent for my taste. Nevertheless the background story is really cool.

    Could you please tell me more about the paints used/order?
    Painting tutorials for malifaux are so rare - and I am also a newbie painter...


  3. Not sure if the previous post went through - but cutting the long (and probably now lost) story short - would you be so kind as to provide the paint list used on kirai and any details you could spare?

    I just bought one and can't find any decent tutorials on her online - plus I am still quite "green" as a painter myself :S