03 February 2012

Blogshare: White Rabbit's Legendary Blog

White Rabbit's Legendary Blog

Mike (aka WRabbit37) hails from the same part of the US and LFGS as Bill and Jay from the Gamers Lounge podcast and Dan from the Mongoose blog. As a regular on the aforementioned podcast he's quickly establishing himself as a key part of their celebrity in the online gaming community.

Aside from being an authority on Malifaux, in particular the Neverborn, his blog reveals that gaming is just a part of his DNA  – boardgames, videogames, roleplaying, you name it – and he enjoys it all. He's a competitive gamer, likes to win and is pretty successful at it. He has a rule not to go to tournaments as he gets too competitive, which is a fantastic level of self-control for someone so "pretty much awesome all the time". On the odd occasion that he has broken this rule he often goes on to win the tournament. To round all this off he's a really nice guy and actually comes across as very modest, enjoying a challenge.

I can count myself quite privileged to have my own blog on Mike's reading list and he has chipped in with comments and advice on several occasions, often adding a bit of experience and common sense to my ramblings.

His latest post talks about his approach when selecting crews at the beginning of a game of Malifaux. It breaks down his thought process and highlights some good points that I hadn't appreciated, adding a bit of logic and clear thinking to something that is often rushed and not thought through properly, in our games at least. It's little gems of insight and experience such as these that makes the blog a great resource as a fellow Malifaux player.

Despite a particular leaning towards Malifaux, Mike's blog incorporates a lot of non-related posts, making it a great read generally. It's always light reading, often commenting on his current tv or dvd viewing – even sports results. Whenever I see a new post on WRLB I'll always stop what I'm doing and have a read – I suggest you do the same.


  1. Thanks for the plug, that was an unexpected surprise this morning. Skill-less Brian thinks I paid you off for this post. :)

  2. I have to agree with Skill-less Brian, the quote:

    "which is a fantastic level of self-control for someone so "pretty much awesome all the time""

    Pretty much proves someone was paid here!

  3. Just goes to show, Bill, you guys are too close to the blazing glory of my awesomeness to see it fully. Gotta step back a bit like DT here and you'd understand how awesome I am.

    Wait... did I just toss that "modest" thing out the window too? Hmm... I just can't win here, can I?

  4. Did the tongue-in-cheek undertone pass under the radar in that quote?

    I think anyone who introduces himself on his blog with "I'm pretty much awesome all the time. Some people disagree, and they're wrong" is blessed with comic talent.

    The fact that, from the abstract view I have over on this side of the water, Mike seems to actually be telling the truth (from a gaming perspective at least) makes it pure genius.

    I need to get my shades… blaze on Mike ;)