13 May 2010

Inside a Blood Angels Rhino

It seems that every man and his dog are ready to take a pop at the Blood Angel 5th Company – not only do I have the Arrugginiti taking pot shots from across the pond, I now have to contend with Orks around the corner, heheh!

After my last battle against the Orks, my sparring partner Bull and I decided to do some objective markers for our next game (yes, we are indeed expanding our mission range beyond the standard "kick lumps out of each other and see who's still standing" scenario!).

Whilst I went for a neutral piece of terrain as my first objective, Bull clearly decided there was an opportunity to poke a stick at the new boys in red with this piece titled "Getting inside a Blood Angels Rhino – Ork style".

I might have to think a bit more outside the box for my next objective!

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