26 May 2010

Hailed vs Hated: Turns 2 & 3

Apologies to everyone, BSmoove especially, for this delayed post which was supposed to go up last night. I came in from work with quite bad migraine and couldn't face another computer screen. So, better late than never, back to the action...

++++ Turn 2 ++++

Reclusiarch Dannen could see them now in all their corrupted glory. The enemy were sweeping around in the direction of Scout Squads Duun and Taal. Not an overwhelming force, he'd faced worse odds, but there was an unshakable shadow at the back of his mind.

"Take us towards the building ahead, full speed, right into their back yard. Let's see how they react to that!"
The Rhino screamed across the battlefield, supercharged engines squealing as they were pushed to their limits. The vehicle slammed into an abrupt stop, smoke launchers exploded and the transport was lost in a thick white fog.

The clearly unsettled Chaos marines reacted to this interloper with a swift change of direction, all focus now on the shrouded Rhino. Shots could be heard through the thick armour of their carrier but nothing worthy of concern.

A loud explosion rocked the battlefield as a missile from Scout Squad Duun hit the encroaching Chaos Rhino square in the face. A cheer went up from the intiates but soon subsided when the smoke cleared to reveal the vehicle was merely shaken, parading a fresh scorch mark on its hull like a brand new tattoo. The occupants bailed to find cover anywhere they could, away from their potential tomb.
A daemonic screech causes the occupants of the blood red Rhino to exchange glances as melta particles fizz overhead.
"That's enough observation I think gentlemen", grinned Dannen to the marines around him, "Time for some action".

++++ Turn 3 ++++

Dannen lept out of the Rhino like a man possessed, Squad Kamor exiting the opposite side in a more precise manner. The transport roared off on a collision course with the Chaos leader, and for the first time the marines witnessed their adversaries up close. As the vehicle reached its target the warrior lurched to the side, avoiding the collision with remarkable ease given his heavy armour and bloated stature.

Squad Kamor opened up with everything as they advanced towards the heretics. The target unit enveloped in flames and bolter shells. Sergeant Kamor grinned, thankful that his misfiring melta hadn't been needed, but his face dropped when he saw over half of the enemy unit step out of the black smoke.

Another explosion blew mud and debris into the air, Scout Squad Duun has missed their target, merely decorating the Chaotic Rhino in fresh sludge. Heavy Bolter fire from Scout Squad Taal peppered the Rhino hull, but had no effect save for a high-pitched, metallic ditty.

Dannen had picked out his target before he ever left the vehicle and launched himself at the Raptors. He released a shot from his pistol at the melta gunner, for the disrespect shown towards the Blood Angels Rhino just moments earlier. A ear splitting ping echoed as the richochet flewoff his shoulder guard. The Reclusiarch ploughed into the unit, dropping two with a sweep of his Crozius. With cries of terror the Raptors bounded away, but a swift jab brought another one down to earth, ensuring only two got away.

"Your chaos cowards are no match for the Emperor's finest!" he belowed at the filth encrusted Chaos Lord, who was still venting hot air in his monotone manner like a broken speaker system. The cold dark shadow ran down Dannen's spine as he stared at the Chaotic monstrosity spouting hate-filled gibberish before him.
"So you're the cause of my unease – let's see what you're about, give it your best shot!"

Sergeant Kamor braced himself and the remaining Chaos marines charged.
"Incoming! Take them down lads!" but the warning came too late and Squad Kamor were hit with force, Brother Amael dropping in a fountain of blood. The Sergeant felt the swell of the Red Thirst clawing at his insides as his swung his Chainsword at his opponent, opening his chest and releasing him from his corrupted life.

Dannen gritted his teeth as he watched the Chaos Lord lumber towards him like an irate Rhinoceros, waiting for the impact and preparing the counter strike. White light flashed across his vision and he stumbled backwards, a sharp pain ripping through his abdomen. More bolter shells exploded off his armour and he turned to see where the shots had originated. A cowardly group of Chaos scum to his right.
"Arghh!" he cried out in frustration, but he knew that the wound had lost him his edge and would return to haunt him.
The Chaos monster crashed into the Reclusiarch knocking him off his feet, pain shot through his gut and he winced. An agonising burn in his shoulder joined the stinging symphony rushing around his body as a diseased power weapon cut through his flesh.
"No more!" he barked and lashed out with his crozius tearing a chunk of diseased meat from his foe.
Leaping to his feet while his opponent was still reeling, he drew up all his strength and readied himself. This was going to be an epic battle.


The battle continues on Friday, and don't forget to visit A Gentleman's Ones for the Chaos perspective, and a wonderful narrative

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