30 May 2010

Hailed vs Hated: Turns 4 & 5

++++ UPDATE ++++

If you've missed the story so far go read up Part One and Part Two from earlier in the month.


Lord Amnitolo (white) – Chaos Lord / Terminator Armor / Mark of Nurgle
Squad Decadi (yellow) – CSM x7 / Rhino
Squad Egregi (orange) – CSM x7
Squad Furrore (blue) – Raptors x5 / Meltagun

Blood Angels:
Reclusiarch Dannen (white)
Squad Taal (blue) – Scout x5 / Heavy Bolter
Squad Duun (green) – Scout x5 / Missile Launch
Squad Kamor (black) – Tactical x8 / Flamer / Melta Bombs / Combi-Melta
Rhino / Searchlight


The Blood Angels are protecting a Communication Array that is keeping them in contact with a nearby Strike Cruiser. Chaos are taunting the marines with the corpse of a dead Blood Angel and the secrets it might hold.

++++ TURN 4 ++++

The Blood Angel Rhino sped to the far side of the marine corpse, turning to face the Chaos Marine Squad that had inflicted the cowardly long-range wound on Reclusiarch Dannen. All around the battlefield was a whirl of close combat, the grinding of metal on metal, the shouts and bellows of the warriors in ascendance and the wails of the dying. The stormbolter attached to its hull ripped out a couple of shots, striking the Chaos marines where they stood. No effect. An explosion next to the squad sent them cowering back into cover. Scout Squad Duun had found their mark with the missile launcher again, but once again the vehicle was merely stunned.

Veteran Sergeant Kamor was concerned. The resilience of these Chaos scum was remarkable. They were outnumbered two to one and showed no signs of stress or weariness – they were like machines. This fight should be over by now, but it wasn't going well and soon his own losses would begin to tell. He saw an opening and thrust his combat knife, bypassing his opponent's stalwart defence, through his armour and biting into his internal organs. The Chaos warrior let out a muffled grunt as he fell to the floor. Just as he was thinking the odds were turning in his favour, Kamor saw brother Danial fall. This stalemate was frustrating in the extreme, and getting very costly.

Dannen could feel every bone in his body creak, every muscle cry out in pain and torture, but he knew there would be time enough later for rest. His life was hanging in the balance and one slip of concentration could end it all. He had fought aliens twice his height, with strength unseen, but this Chaos Lord was truly a monster. Despite all his confidence and his experience, this battle was slipping away from Dannen. The overwhelming initial charge into the enemy forces had stalled and the tide was slowly turning in favour of the damned.

Bright blue light flashed around him, as Dannen's Rosarius kicked in, saving him from certain death. The Chaos Lord seemed frustrated by this and let out a gurgling howl. Seizing his chance, Dannen swept down with his weapon, catching the distracted leader in the neck – sickly green brown bile spewing out in a fountain.

The skulking Chaos marines hurried into the stunned Rhino firing up the smoke launchers as the hatches slammed shut. Scout Sergeant Duun knew what was coming next. "In the Emperor's name, take out that transport!" he yelled.

Two more brothers in Squad Kamor fell to Chaos weapons, taking another of the tainted marines with them. "Enough of this", Kamor muttered to himself. "Brothers! Feel the light of Sanguinius around you, let us slay these servants of evil!".

Dannen was buoyant, he had found his second wind and a newly-born vigour. He could anticipate every move the Lord made, and counter it. A sudden pain shot though him – the disease-ridden wound he'd received earlier was having an effect, the poison reaching his vital organs and shutting them down one by one. In a split second he was was no longer in full control of his motions, fighting against his own body to defend himself from his attacker. He could barely see the world around him as the unmistakable bite of a weapon piercing his skin burned his chest. The Chaos Lord's scythe was embedded within him and more poison was pumping into his body. The world was going black all around him as his body shut down. The monster before him was triumphant, spouting obscenities and insults in the direction of the fallen Reclusiarch, the Chaotic weapon still protruding from his broken body. One final heroic endeavour, he mustered every last ounce of strength he had and lashed out at the mocking foe before him. His power weapon caught the Chaos leader across his torso showering the area around in bile and sludge. The Chaos Lord was stunned, and staggered briefly before letting out a piercing howl of anguish. The corpse slumped to the earth with a deafening thud. Dannen closed his eyes and his world went black.

++++ TURN 5 ++++

The Blood Angel Rhino moved up to shoot at the rear of its Chaos counterpart, knowing there was little time or chance to make an impact. Two shots pinged off the the corroded hull. A missile came in from Scout Squad Dannen, exploding in the mud next to the vehicle with no effect – the smoke had done its job.
"You boys, you boys! We are going have serious words – I promise you!" screamed Sergeant Duun with a frustrated grin.
"Squad Taal, fall back to the Comms Array!", yelled Sergeant Taal, "They're going to make one last push."

Kamor had just seen the Reclusiarch fall to the blade of the Chaos leader, and the heroic final strike inflicted in the face of defeat.
"For the Emperor! For Sanguinius! For Dannen!" he cried as he charged into the two remaining aggressors before him. Squad Kamor cheered in unison and piled into the melee, dragging down one of the Chaos marines, and causing the other one to finally flee in terror.

As expected, the unkillable Chaos transport sped towards Squad Taal and the Blood Angels communication array. Reaching its target it spat out the six marines who opened up with rapid Bolter shots on the heroic Scouts guarding the objective. Smoke filled the air and Sergeant Duun looked on with concern. His own unit had failed to take down the Rhino with numerous attempts, at the potential cost of losing Squad Taal and the comms array. He let out a slow sigh of relief and grinned when he saw Sergeant Taal and two of his squad still standing.

Barking orders to his unit they set about supporting his beleaguered brothers. They had seized the day, but at great cost. He hoped it was worth it.


So there you have it. A victory for the beloved Angels but at a very high cost.
There is lots more to discuss and debate, from army lists to battle plans and decision making. Plenty of what-ifs and coulda, woulda and shoulda later in the week with Hailed vs Hated.

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  1. Well done photos! For a moment I couldn't remember which of your blogs I was reading. :) Great battle report made all the better by the lead up and cooperation between you two.

  2. Beautiful report. Great game. Compliments on a well won battle. Next time...

  3. Nice report- loved the back and forth that you had. Now you just need to construct the exact same battle field and use 1337 photoshoppin skillz to make it so both your models are on the same table!

    Hey, I can dream, can't I?