18 May 2016

Frostgrave Warband List…

So after two games of Frostgrave things are starting to take shape. Both Bull and I have been relatively cautious in our tactics so far, grabbing our three treasure tokens and skulking away, restricting combat to long-range pot shots and spells.

I've already mentioned my reservations about the game. I don't think it has the longevity of Necromunda or Mordheim but it has reminded us of what we love about the crew development side of those classics (even if your crew doesn't actually develop in Frostgrave!).

After the elation of taking out Bull's apprentice in game one was soured by the after-game rolling putting me way behind for game two, things have balanced out a little. I managed to sell a load of stuff to build up my gold reserves (one of the main universal criticisms of the game) and have turned my crew upside down.

The gang…

Yep, I basically binned my entire crew and hired a whole new elite bunch (something you could never consider in Necromunda)… and still have cash to spare.

I did look at the magic items to deck out my wizard and apprentice, but individually the items didn't have that big an impact (a +1 or +2 bonus when rolling a D20 doesn't improve your chances that much) so I didn't bother. Now the crew is in place (I can't really improve them any more except the odd magic item) I can turn my attention back to my Wizard.

The boss…

As I said, I sold everything I could and learned a new Grimoire spell – Furious Quill – to help clear out the vault. The main focus has been to get the casting number of my most used spells down as low as possible, so I've used my experience points to chip away at these.

I learned early on that you have to attempt to cast something every turn to get as much experience as possible in a game, even if it's an arbitrary spell of no particular use. This has helped me get to almost level 5 after just 2 games.

I only have the one offensive spell with Bone Dart. Whilst it has already provided some death and damage I could do with having options. Damage orientated wizards rule in Frostgrave so this would be the way to go it seems, even if it's a little one-dimensional.

Then there's the cash. I do have 300 gold left. Do I splash out on a base upgrade or fancy gear, or do I save it for a rainy day?


  1. I'm working on a game that might be closer to what you want from a skirmish game. I can email you a link to the core rulebook beta

    1. Heres the link, couldnt seem to find your email. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e6lf8tdf5i6o8pv/AADGfF7hmMqr9Tq8SnjSTQWwa?dl=0

  2. Save the gold (or rather 400 of them) for a Restore Life scroll, a little bit of life insurance seem like a good idea.
    Well that's my plan, at least.

  3. I have noticed that some of the 'bad guys' can only be injured by magic weapons! Worth thinking about.

  4. I have been thinking and by not allowing the soldiers in the Warband to advance it maintains their relationship with the environment. This will mean that they will always have to be afraid of wild creatures and the like.