04 February 2016

Aetherium: House Ikaru

Just a quick post to say that the cat is now officially out of the bag – the new Aetherium Kickstarter is live.

I've been working away since November on this bad boy, not only putting together the graphics for Kickstarter, but composing the new Schema, cards and other bits that are required for the new expansion to the game. I will start work on the new book will start imminently and I'm very excited about that!

Whether Aetherium is your thing or not, you have to admire those new models (the image below shows a few) – some of them are simply amazing – and it's been a pleasure getting to work with the new imagery so far.

Who doesn't like ninja robots?!!

We got a brief glimpse of them in the original Aetherium Kickstarter, but they've been fleshed out (so to speak) and are now a fully fledged faction of their own.

Brian, Chris and the guys at Anvil 8 Games have done an amazing job, as we're coming to expect.

Go and have a look at the Kickstarter, and if you see something you like take a punt!

No doubt there will be more Aetherium updates from behind the scenes coming soon.