26 February 2015

Looking Like A Ghostbuster!

At the request of Bull I thought I'd reveal my recent hobby purchase – a magnifier headset from Amazon.

It looks rather cumbersome and didn't seem comfortable initially. However, after a few minutes I forgot I had it on (must have just thought I had awesome eyesight like the bionic man or something!). For a fiver it was a bit of a steal I think.

I have yet to use it properly but it has already revealed some hidden blips on my Batman miniature (like wayward brush hairs) that can't be seen with the naked eye.

I'm looking forward to using it for painting the new Batman crew and stay tuned for some results soon…


  1. Oh thanks for that link, I've been looking at these for a while. For a fiver if it doesn't work for me, it's not a big loss

  2. Well that looks like a pretty amazing bit of kit. Any bit of magnification really helps for the many small details. Have fun with it :-)

    1. £4,99 with free UK delivery ... OMG ... how can they do it?

    2. Just need a bit of spare time now so I can paint!

  3. Need a picture of you wearing it.