17 February 2015

Batman Builds…

Finally my base toppers have turned up (3 weeks!!) so my attention can return to my model building and painting. With that in mind, thoughts inevitably turn towards crew lists and as Bull has just posted his Joker-related lists I decided to post mine.

The first list we're looking at is a starter 200 rep list. In the case of the Batman faction (and the particular B-man model I have) there's not a lot of wiggle room. Arkham City Batman comes in at a pricey 130 rep, which only leaves 70 for back up.

I could squeeze a couple of policemen or SWAT out of that remaining 70 rep but, given that I have the model, I'll go for Tim Drake's Robin. He cost 68 rep and $200 as a free agent. That leaves me 2 rep and $300 left but seeing as I have no henchmen the money goes to waste (can't spend it on characters I believe).

That was easy enough and even I might be able to paint up enough models for that crew!

A 350 rep tournament list gives me $1000 and up to two free agents to spend on top of the rep. Having said that I will keep to my theme of models that I already own. If I carry over Batman and Robin from the 200 list, I can add some of my other purchases to make up the difference.

First on the list is Catwoman. She becomes my second free agent, adding 66 rep to my total. Not entirely sure what her skills do but she seems a popular character in tournament crews so she can't be that bad.

Needing to add some more bodies in there it makes sense to use my collection of Gotham Police. My collection of four police models add a nice 84 rep to my list, taking my total to 348 which is rather spot on.

I still have $500 to spend so will add some equipment – a couple of sets of handcuffs to add the Arrest rule and a flashlight to see better in the dark.

So that's my first swipe at a couple of lists. As expected the good guys are going to be outnumbered, with models counts of 2 and 7 in my lists, but hopefully they should be strong enough to prevail.

We will see!


  1. Nice - Batman is expensive in terms of points alright. I will have to look up his details. There is a lot to take on board with all the special traits. I have just spotted that Mr Hammer is an Elite Boss and therefore you have to have him in the crew to take a number of Elite characters. Normally you can only take one. There is a lot of learning to be done.

    1. To be fair, in a game named after him, I'd be pretty gutted if Batman wasn't awesome

  2. Now they do look rather splendid, but can we trust Catwoman?

    1. With a personal trait called "Primary Target: Loot" I very much doubt it ;)