10 September 2012

Wyrd Donate New Plastics…

++ Go to ebay and see the auction here ++  

Just had an email from Nathan at Wyrd to confirm their donation for our charity auction.

They are sending us the new Rail Crew box set featuring new master Mei Feng, the Rail Golem (which is the largest Malifaux model by some way) and the limited edition Miss Terious, a female Death Marshall!

My thanks go out to Nathan and the Wyrd folks for their kind support!

++ Go to ebay and see the auction here ++ 


  1. Wow! Now that is seriously generous; I actually quite fancy having a go at Miss Terious and the Rail Crew myself.

    1. I did manage to order some stuff over GenCon weekend, including the Rail crew, to qualify for Miss Terious. Just waiting for the parcel to arrive!

    2. I thought you were off Malifaux models now ;)

  2. It looks like you've converted Michael!

    This thing has just turned out to be spectacular. I'm going to go check out ebay and see how high the bids have gotten.

  3. Awesome stuff, good luck on the auction.

    I'm currently making a blog called 40,000 Pirates, designed to offer printable Warhammer 40k proxies to those who can't afford the real thing or need to test a new unit/army before buying. I'm writing to ask permission to use pictures of your blood angels rhino (http://the-dark-templar.blogspot.com/2011/06/blood-angel-exodus-begins.html) to make printable Rhino 'box-tanks' for my blog.

    I would greatly appreciate your contribution, as not only would it help expand my blog, but possibly the 40k community.

    Please contact me at 40kpirate@gmail.com

    40k Pirate