14 September 2012

Malifaux Charity Auction Ends Tomorrow…

With less than 36 hours to go before the Tale of 3 Painters Malifaux charity auction ends I thought I would do one last shout out.

It's been quite a journey and it would be great to see a final winning bid that reflected all the time and effort of the people involved – it is all for charity after all!

My thanks go out to my fellow painters Andy Walker and Michael Awdry, as well as Joey Berry and the Malifools podcast crew. I'd also like to thank anyone out there in the community who blogged, tweeted, podcasted or emailed about the project – your help is appreciated.

I'd also like to thank our supporters who have been very generous with their donations. I'll do a quick recap of the final contents of the auction –

Of course you have the 30ss Hoffman crew comprising of C. Hoffman, Mechanical Attendant, Ryle, The Guardian, The Hunter and The Watcher, all painted to a great standard – believe me, the photos do not do them justice!

You have the character cards in Toploader Ultra Pro card protectors and some plastic 'soulstones'.

Firestorm Games kindly donated a Malifaux Fate Deck and a Rules Manual which the painters all signed, as did Joey Berry.

There are TWO full sets of resin bases – 'Rubble City' (pictured) and Cobblestone – in 30, 40 and 50mm sizes kindly donated by Fenris Games.

SnM Stuff have kindly donated a set of Vallejo Foundation Paints and 5 Kolinsky Sable brushes.

Element Games kindly donated an Army Painter Model Tools Set.

KR Multicase kindly sent us TWO carry cases – the Half Width Aluminium (pictured) and the Aquilla 4 – and also an Accessories Case with Tape Measure and Dice.

And finally, Wyrd Games have promised us (to arrive at a later date) some of their new plastic miniatures – The Rail Crew box set (pictured), The Rail Golem and the limited edition Miss Terious.

To see more photos have a look at the original contents post.

Normal service will finally resume next week, with the exception of a post-auction summary with behind-the-scenes video.

Then I'm away to San Francisco for a couple of weeks, but fear not – there are scheduled posts already waiting to entertain you!

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  1. Wow - £260.05 is the current bid. Great stuff guys! :)