27 September 2012

Modelling & Painting Tutorials…

One of the benefits of the recent charity project was expanding my list of wargaming contacts and discovering gems within the community. One such gem is Byron at Element Games and his modelling and painting tutorials on the EG forum.

We've all seen online tutorials, or created a few ourselves, so when Byron suggested going to have a look at the ones at Element Games I popped online to have a quick look so I could say that I had. However, I have to hold my hands up and say I was genuinely blown away by what I found.

Byron is a genuine talent and the growing list of tutorials are genuinely useful – I have picked up a lot of tips for my own painting.

Not only does Byron cover miniature painting he's also got tutorials about painting scenery, in particular some of GW's plastic buildings. These have been finished to a stunning level, yet as the tutorial explains, it wasn't difficult at all and anyone can achieve similar results.


  1. What a great link, really inspirational stuff, thanks for sharing.

  2. A great link, should prove very usful!

  3. Absolutely a great link.. have seen his work in the past, and his tutorials, but didn't see the screamer one! Now I know how I will get through my other 9 models so quickly!

    Cheers for this.

  4. I know the guy who owns those ogres (and the rest of the army) and they are mind-blowingly awesome!