01 May 2017

New Zombicide – Zombies

I had a look at the teased artwork for the Zombicide: Green Horde heroes last week and now have the imagery of the related zombies.

The things I can see here of significance are firstly the walker seems much bulkier than we're used to and also that it's wearing armour of sorts. Hmmmm…

There was talk of goblins early on in the press releases, and that they appeared in packs, so I wonder if we're going to see a Crow-type base with multiple armoured goblins on it, or just individuals as normal?

Ironically this guy seems no different from the regular walker, based on the crop of this illustration. More armour and spikes can't be good for the heroes though!

Having dealt with abominatroll and abonina-minotaur recently, I'm struggling to be too intimidated by this new Orc abomination – unless he turns out to be toughness 4 of course!

I like the look of this Necromancer. The character Necromancers from the Kickstarter have added a new dimension to the game (I hate you Grinn!) so I'm hoping that this guy is more than just a new sculpt.

So that's everything we've seen so far. Aside from being told that the new zombies are tougher than previously, we don't know much about the new game. In the mean time there's plenty of life left in Black Plague yet!!


  1. We can both think of a certain someone who is going to be fit to burst about these. Whilst very exciting, I am worried that they are just the same zombies, but a different colour! I like the idea of a mob of them though.

    1. Yes, I read about the new Horde rule yesterday. Every time a zombie spawn card with a 'horde' symbol is played a duplicate number of zombies is placed on one side, growing in size as the game progresses. When an 'Enter the Horde' card is drawn, this collection of extra zombies enters the board!! However, I believe we have a catapult to compensate!

  2. A catapult, now you have my attention! :)