29 April 2017

New Zombicide – Heroes

Guillotine Games has been drip feeding us with new character art these last couple of weeks, ramping up anticipation for the Kickstarter at the end of May. Yesterday the group of heroes included in the Green Horde box was completed.

I don't think we've had a Saracen-esque warrior yet, so I like this departure. It conjures up game ideas based upon the Sinbad adventures.

 Wearing a wolf's head as a hat, with a nose ring and some kind of emerald axe, Berin appears to be the angry Dwarf of the group. Intrigued to see what his rules will be as he's got some interesting gear.

This guy looks like a standard human, an imperial type with crossbow and sword. He's meant to be trustworthy and fearless.

My guess is that Megan is the Magic user of the group, given her staff and array of potions. Interestingly she has a bandage over one eye in this illustration, but not in the box cover image at the top of the page.

Let's be honest, Rolf is Conan. Brute force with little finesse. I'm guessing a melee monster.


Seli is my favourite character so far. A skinny tribal elf of some kind, with a funky sword and dagger by the looks of it. This has the potential to be a fantastic model to paint and I'm intrigued to see what skills she has.

So there we have it folks. If things follow the previous release, they're our 6 heroes for the Green Horde box set, with another 4 in the Wulfsburg-style expansion, and who knows what else in the way of stretch goals come Kickstarter time.

I'll have a look at the zombies that have been revealed thus far in the next post. I have to say, how excited am I?!!


  1. Oh you tease! Is it my imagination but do these survivors look a little more tooled up? I wonder if they are a slightly stronger second generation to deal with the strength of the orks and goblins?