05 April 2017

Zombicide Green Horde is coming in May!

Those of you who play Zombicide Black Plague may have already heard the news, but I only found out last night after returning from a failed Tuesday Night Gaming quest at Bull's. There is a new Z:BP kickstarter coming at the end of May to launch a new expansion. The Green Horde will include infected Orcs and Goblins.

I am sooooo excited!

This may actually make up for me missing Salute this year, and has certainly become the focal point for the year!



  1. No Salute? That's a shame. Infected Orc and Goblins you say, I can think of someone else who might be a tad excited by this news - Bull must be salivating already? :)

    1. Not this year – we had a calamitous calendar clash in the house and I will be at Centre Parcs instead of Salute :(

    2. Centre Parcs where hordes of over excitable individuals can be found running about with a feverish intent for fun, no wait that is Salute! Just think of the money you will save, I must admit I was wondering about going again this year myself.