19 January 2015

Impulse Buys…

I threatened in my last post that this year was anything goes and so I'm putting my money where my mouth is. My first (random) shiny purchases were made last week and arrived at the weekend.

I've never gone back to Malifaux since the 2nd Edition came out – the changes made the game seem very different and I lost interest. I did pick up the small rulebook and replacement Guild cards out of curiosity but that was that.

Well, I randomly ordered a couple of the new plastic starter sets – replacements for my favourite crews from first edition…

The thing I've noticed from my experiences thus far of Wyrd plastic minis is that they are very delicate and can have some very thin parts – the ice gamin legs for example are very vulnerable – and this kit seems to follow suit.

image by GMorts

One thing I was very happy to see was that the Witchling Stalkers are one-piece models – awesome!!

The second kit was Kirai, possibly my favourite Malifaux crew in terms of gameplay.

image by GMorts

One of the interesting thing about this kit was the resized Ikiryo model – now much bigger and more like her Avatar mini.

As you can probably tell, I'm yet to get glue anywhere near these models, but it's great to just be around models again, keeping the interest going even if it all ends up on ebay in a few months' time.

The purchases don't stop there – more to come this week…!


  1. I picked up a resserectionist kit from Malifaux. The scale change was so drastic, I had to put them on hold until I could improve my painting skills a bit! :) Still lovely mini's!

    1. Definitely a potential issue – the detail on these models is tiny. I may have to finally cave and buy a magnifier!

    2. I can recommend the magnifier. The older you get the harder it is to even see the detail. Took a short while to get used to the magnifier but it really does make life easier.

    3. I've been putting it off for a while but I think we've reached the point of necessity

  2. That's they the spirit, cave in buy stuff! I'm no better with backing Rum & Bones, but now Conan is looking awfully tempting!

    1. I'm starting to think you have a Kickstarter problem Michael ;)

  3. The Witchling stalkers would make great Chaos cultists.