14 August 2014

40k: The Orks March On…

After the fall of the Communications Array, the Forge built on Sakar Prime by the Iron Warriors legion is next on the list of targets for the Orks. Whilst the composition of the defending force has not been established, satellite imagery would suggest that it is heavily fortified and there is at least one gun emplacement (of unidentified design) present.

Breaking through the outer lines should pose no problems but the Citadel Forge itself is heavily defended and where the fighting will most likely take place.

After his early triumph, will Warboss Zagdakka get the opportunity to continue the assault on behalf of the Orks, or will someone else step up to lead the Waaagh?

Similarly, are we likely to see the disgraced Warpsmith resurface to exact his revenge?

Regardless, capturing the Communications Array has had a major effect on the coming battle…

++ The Chaos forces have a much reduced coordination and as such must roll 3D6 for every Reserve roll and the opponent gets to choose which result stands.

++ Conversely, communication between the Ork elements has improved dramatically and so they may choose to add or subtract 1 to any Reserve rolls made during the game.

++ In addition, the Orks have the opportunity to catch the Forge defenders cold so automatically win the dice roll to decide who sets up first and goes first.

To be continued…


  1. I like the campaign consequences seems like a good time to deploy that wall of iron.

    1. Oh, there will definitely be a wall of some description – I'm just realising what 2500 points will but you!

    2. Walls are there for making big holes in ;-)

  2. The fortifications (not the Quad gun) served you well last time.

    1. lol - it is what saved his Obliterators from the Power Vomit and from the Killkannon! Also my Stormboyz loved it. Great cover saves for them when they arrive from reserves :-)