18 August 2014

40k Mission: Forge Assault

With less than two weeks to go until the next incursion, I've been doing some research into suitable missions. The game, a week on Sunday, is the Orks assault of the Chaos citadel forge, so the standard "D3+2 objectives" missions in the rulebook weren't really going to cut it from a narrative perspective. Luckily I have a copy of the Stronghold Assault rules, so I have adapted one of those missions to fit.

Mission: Forge Assault

The Orks are in possession of the Comms Array from mission 1 and are moving on to assault the Chaos citadel forge.

++ The Orks get the option of taking an additional Heavy Support choice (that's 4 in total).
++ The Chaos forces MUST take 1-3 Fortifications.

++ Chaos forces set up first, once table edges have been decided.
++ Orks get to choose whether to go first or second.

++ Both sides get 1 Victory Point per enemy unit completely destroyed or broken.
++ Orks get an additional Victory Point per Fortification destroyed.
++ Whoever is occupying the forge machine (terrain piece placed behind Chaos lines) at the end of the game receives 3 Victory Points.

Comms Array:
++ Orks may add or subtract 1 from any Reserve Rolls for the duration of this game.
++ Chaos roll 3D6 for each Reserve Roll and Orks choose which result stands.

++ As long as they are in possession of the Forge, Chaos forces may 'resurrect' one destroyed unit on the D6 roll of 6 at the beginning of any given turn. This new unit comes on as reserves (no deep strike) and gains additional VP for the enemy if destroyed a second time. Each unit may only be resurrected once.

Random Game length.

Let the count down begin…


  1. I like the way you are setting up these missions based on a narrative it reminds me of the old day.

    1. Having the additional rules in there gives you something to fight for too, knowing it will have an effect on the final battle.