16 May 2011

Death Marshals: part 1

So you've seen the treatment given to The Judge in a previous post (albeit briefly) and I needed my Death Marshals to follow suit. I have managed to get a good look through a couple of the Miniature Mentor vids which have been very useful in opening my mind to new ways of painting. I had three Death Marshals in which to improve things, especially the overcoat – this is how things began.

I apologise for the photo quality. My spot lamp is being used at full strength so there's a harsh highlight in some of the pix.

The Marshal above is close to completion – he only needs his base and a few details finishing – though he doesn't like his photo taken it seems. The cloak was given a Beastial Brown basecoat then liberally washed in Devlan Mud as per the previous post. I wasn't particularly happy with where that was going so I gave it a watered down coat of Beastial Brown all over except the deep recesses. I then gradually added more and more Bleached Bone to the mix, maintaining a very watery consistency throughout, going over the coat again and again. The beauty of this approach is that you get get very subtle graduations and highlights/shadows without doing any actual blending. The result was a very light tan coloured coat which was a bit bright so I went back and gave the whole thing another watered down coat of Beastial Brown, re-coating until I was happy.

The second Death Marshal was started last night using the same technique. This time I watered down the paint even further and took the highlights lighter, without lightening the coat as a whole. It does need a little more work before knocking the whole thing back with the Beastial Brown.

When it comes time to do Death Marshal number 3 I shall try to get some step by step shots on the go to explain the procedure better.

In order to differentiate holsters and straps from the coat I used Scorched Earth as a starting point. The coffin featured in the opening picture used a mix of Beastial Brown and Snakebite Leather (50:50) as a starting point. Bleached Bone was added to highlight with a final highlight of Skull White.

To be continued…


  1. Looking really good - that's a great leather look you've achieved, and the coffin works really well too - I'm really looking forward to seeing them finished.

    (Still fighting the Malifaux temptation for now...)

  2. Thx Andy.

    The colour for the coffin was an experiment that seems to have panned out well – very pleased with that as I didn't want to simply drybrush it.

    The cloaks are improving, and it's all down to using very thin paint.

    I am really enjoying my paint time with these Malifaux miniatures – I'm treating every model as an individual and paying the appropriate attention.