16 May 2011

The Opposition…

I was away in Manchester last week, putting up then taking down a client's exhibition stand at GMEX (or whatever they call it nowadays) so had no access to my painting table. This weekend was also out as my wife had arranged a nice getaway in the country which was fantastic. However, this did mean that it's been almost a week since paint was applied to any part of my Malifaux crew.

I did manage to get a little time last night and I think I have moved up a rung (just one!) on the painting skill ladder. One thing that 3x Death Marshalls and The Judge will help with is the painting of long sweeping overcoats and, thanks to a few vids I've seen recently, I applied some fresh techniques (for me) with very nice results. More on that in a later post.

While I was away I received an email from my Malifaux opponent Bull containing a couple of pix of his expanded Viktoria crew. As you can see, having done a boat-load of reading, he has gone for some Ronin and a Convict Gunslinger. Not sure what that means exactly for my own crew but no doubt there are some nasty tactics/actions/triggers in there somewhere.

Seems I have more reading to do…


  1. Love these models and the treatment they have received. It's a slippery slope.

    I am excited to see more.

    I also like the new icon -very dark. very cool.

  2. Bull has a very quick but effective method of painting, which is why he always has models ready to fight – I on the other hand procrastinate, but I am getting better.

    Oh yes the icon. There is more coming on that but I'll say no more for now ;)