21 May 2011

Death Marshals: part 2

Just a quickie post today to show you the finished Death Marshal number 1. He was completed last night whilst watching/listening to Deadwood season 1 in the background – the episode where Wild Bill gets shot! Again, apologies for the quality of the pics – I've lost my camera mojo it seems.

More work was done on Lady J also – only to discover in the cold light of morning that a minute amount of the stone grey on my mixing palette had somehow got into my skin mix and now she looks rather pale and undead. I'll have to fix her later today.


  1. It looks awesome man, lot of effort went in to it.

  2. Thx Warflake.

    A lot of time certainly. I think this has been a bit of a benchmark model for me, where I've been a bit more patient and the results have benfitted.