13 October 2010

You snooze you lose...

 ..that's a saying around these parts that crops up quite a bit and it's one that applies to my Dark Templar project right now.

The original concept was to create an entire MkVI force that looked pretty unique – I had heard talk of such projects being done before but had never actually seen one done properly. As usual, I talked and talked about it, but barely got started. Then along came Forgeworld and popped out a range of products that, to be honest, I think most of us marine players have been wanting for a long time – viable generic resin kits of all the major marine armour types. The MkVI guys above look good (though I'm not a big fan of the leg poses) and even the Raven Guard beakies look cool.

Lo and behold, every man and his dog can now create an entire MkVI force (or even a MkV, IV or III if they had enough cash), so the main concept of my army is not so unique and the phrase 'taken the wind out of my sails' springs to mind.

Having said all that, nothing's changed. I'm still getting rather enthusiastic at going back to this long-delayed masterpiece. My guys are definitely different from the Forgeworld beakies, and rather than get hacked off by the new releases I'm seeing how I can incorporate elements into my project to make my life easier!

Looking through the stuff on my paint tray I also see some Blood Angels stuff I really want to get finished too. So, given that today is major major patch day in the World of Warcraft and servers are likely to still be down (or buggy or over populated) when I get home this evening, I think I'll dust down my paintbrushes and tools, spend a quiet evening reacquainting myself with 40k.

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  1. World of Warcraft? with models left unattended on the shelf? Heresy.

    Good to see you back in amongst it. The MkVIs are looking quite nice. I'm looking forward to seeing your dynamic aesthetic in action once more.