11 October 2010

Remember me...

After a sustained absence of nearly 5 months I am finally showing my face again.

I left rather abruptly back in June, after my monumental transatlantic game of 40k with BSmoove, somewhat burned out. Life caught up with me – family/work/friends/etc. and it's taken me a long time to rekindle my enthusiasm to sit down at the painting table again. Apologies to those folks I left hanging a bit.

There will be almost no opportunity for me to game anymore, so the focus will be on my dabbling with paints and conversions. Things will be a lot more low key than in the past – creating a intimidating painting schedule is one of the things that contributed to my absence. I just want to enjoy what I do, so if I'm not enjoying it I won't do it. Needless to say there will be a lot fewer posts – or at least posts with newly painted/converted models in them. I may be commenting on things a little more, and commenting on non-40k things too.

So there we have it, I'm kinda back – footstep by footstep – and we'll see how we go.

Thanks all for waiting...


  1. Welcome back, my good man. Great to see you here once more. Brilliant even.

    While your gaming cup may be half empty, I'm pleased to see that your hobby cup remains half full. I'm quite keen to see what these hobby adventures bring.

    And you'll always have a game waiting for you here, 35000 miles away.

  2. Welcome back! Glad to see you return.

  3. Good to see you back mate!

    I know the feeling when the inspiration clears off - it's a great feeling when it comes back though. :)

  4. Thanks guys – really appreciate the support – I've got a bit of an action plan... if I can just get some painting time!