16 October 2010

May The Force Be... in the attic

When we were back in the North West at the beginning of the month for my nephew's christening we stayed over at my mom's. Given that I am slowly approaching 40 years old, have a wife and a mortgage I thought it was only right that I cleared some of my crap out of my mom's attic – much to my wife's chagrin.

Imagine my delight when I (re)discovered my Star Wars collection. My mom gave away my collection of figures and vehicles from the 70's, so when I was finally in full time work and able to buy stuff myself (coinciding with the re-releases in '97) I went mad and had stuff imported from the States, trading rare and exclusive figures with peeps all over the world.

Whilst I knew they were kicking around up there somewhere, I had forgotten how much I had (the pic at the top of the page is only a fraction). So my job this afternoon is to move these boxes into our attic (having taken up most of our spare room for two weeks since we got back).

The tool box pic above shows the figures I opened – rest assured that the models of any real value are well and truly sealed and packed away ready to be opened in another 30 years to be introduced to Ebay ..or 2040's equivalent!


  1. My mom has my brother's and mine Star Wars stuff in her basement. All well played with early 80's stuff but we are getting ready to crack it back open and organize it so I can play with it with my daughter when we go over there. There is a princess so that is a positive step to introduce her to the setting.

  2. I'm kinda obsessed at converting all our friends kids into Star Wars fans – and if/when we have kids this will become my life's mission I have no doubt.

    I think bringing all the toys back to our place actually had something with that rather than the 'preserving my investment' guff I've been using as an excuse, lol.