07 February 2019

Wargame Hobby Bingo

I found an article on Rob Hawkins' blog about his Wargame Hobby Bingo, and at the time thought that it was something that our good friend Mr Awdry would embrace completely. Never really considered it myself as hobby time is so subdued at present that any one of the activities listed would be a bit of an ask, and there was no hope of ever getting close to completing the whole card.

Recently I started my Tale Of Three Armies project (which I will be posting about soon) as a bit of a distraction and a means to scratch an itch or two. Things are going well, if slow, and I'm enjoying myself doing what is comfortable – kit bashing and converting space marines. Then Mr Awdry posted this week about his Doomriders and the fact they allowed him to tick off one of the boxes on his Wargame Hobby Bingo Card, so I took a closer look at said card. I realised that my current endeavours would actually qualify for box-ticking (once there is paint present) and that in a short matter of time I could have as many as six completed squares on the card!

As a result I find myself remarkably motivated to get some of these bits ticked off the list, and do you know, this time it may just happen!


  1. Get ticking! I decided that anything posted this year was fair game so I have go plenty to come too. :D

    1. It's funny how the concept of ticking boxes on a sheet has motivated me more than anything else… even gaming!

    2. You should see my lists on lists...