30 May 2012

Carnivean Progress

This post was written last Friday, just before departing for holidays. I had hoped to have fininshed the Carnivean by the time we went away but it was not to be.

For the duration of the entire week I had dedicated my hobby time to painting skin… white skin. Following the scheme used on the Shredders I had to get the skin pretty much white with some of the Sky Blue remaining in the recessess, just the hint of a shadow.

By the end of Friday it was as white as it was going to be. Once back I can go in with the blue and purple washes to add a bit of depth and variation across the skin – as much as I like the idea of the big man being able to camouflage himself amongst the snow and rocks, I do want him to look alive at least.

Once this is complete I can get on with the claws and and final details needed (might give his teeth another highlight looking at the image above). Looking forward to get this model finished so I can get another couple of 'easy wins' under my painting belt and get my wargroup to a healthy size.


  1. Tremendous! That mouth with the yellowing fangs is awesome, great job!

  2. Great teeth and getting better and better, he's going to have to floss!

  3. That is some scary looking model. The mouth is enough to give me nightmares!

    Great Paint Job!