Friday, 18 May 2012

Plans for the weekend

So I'm finally back in the land of sanity after my few days away. The exhibition stand that took 5+ hours to put up came down in 15 minutes, I kid you not. We managed to jump the queue of waiting vans at GMEX too, thanks to a nice (if grumpy) man at the security gate and a cheeky request by yours truly. It meant we were on the road very quickly and got back to Folkestone around 11pm, which wasn't bad at all.

Having had no access to my miniatures for the past three days (though it feels like longer) I have plans for the weekend. My wife also has plans for the weekend, that involve me doing jobs so that's going to be an interesting negotiation! I have managed to stay in touch with things, my iPad being the lifeline that sustained me – except when I lost the 3G signal and was left playing Solitaire.

Anyway, the plan for me this weekend is to paint the Carnivean. There is a queue slowly building up behind him of Legion models wanting to be painted and whilst it was nice to get The Forsaken to jump the queue and painted to completion, the big fella needs some attention.

My thinking is that with a few painting sessions of 1-2 hours each he can be done quite quickly. The main issue will be painting the scales as there are quite a few of these and it is time consuming.

So keep an eye out for some lovely photos of a finished warbeast next week, or possibly photos of a trimmed lawn and hedge if negotiations don't go well!


  1. My plans for the weekend involve getting some games in tonight, then off to Firestorm Games in Cardiff to see what a Bushido tournament looks like. Then on Sunday I'm planning on getting a crack on with some painting myself.

    1. Sounds like a cracking weekend.

      I've just placed another mail order with Firestorm (oops) – that's what happens when I'm away for a while, I need to compensate.

  2. Hope you get the painting you need doing this weekend, the eternal debate between men and SWMBO's!

    1. Yes, indeed. I will probably have to forget the idea of painting on Saturday, but hopefully I'll get Sunday to myself :)



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