10 March 2017

Bloodbowl - Humans vs Undead

In a positive flurry of gaming this week, we have Tutorial game 2 of Blood Bowl for my friend Chris. I had picked up one of the new Human teams from Ebay since our last game (but needless to say hadn't painted it). After Chris's efforts with the Dark Elves last time, the more balanced Humans gave him a different perspective. I mixed things up too, switching to the Undead.

In the last game my Nurgle team hogged possession of the ball for almost the entire time, so after winning the dice roll Chris opted to receive the ball. After some initial school boy errors (like lining up a Str 2 Catcher vs a Str 5 Mummy) Chris got into a flow and the turns were flying by. The Undead were bogging down proceedings and the damage was being dished out. Chris had two knocked out and two dead, I had a Ghoul in the dead pile also. Brutal game.

As our 6-turn tutorial half started to wind down, the ruck along the half way line started to break up and Chris grabbed his opportunity. He sprinted a thrower through a narrow gap and a lineman threw a pass. Despite a last gasp attempt to blitz the escaping receiver, my Wight managed to roll double-two for his 3+ dodge roll and fell on his face. Chris's thrower was away, with only a Mummy in pursuit (if you can call 3 squares a turn a pursuit!).

He got his just rewards for an audacious bit of gaming. First touchdown!

Great game(ette) and thoroughly enjoyable, even with us vocalising our strategy thinking throughout. It's turning out to be an awesome week of gaming. Whatever next?!


  1. Two games in a week, it's been a while since you last made that claim. Sounds like a great session and a well earned touchdown for the humans.

    1. Yes, Chris saw the gap and took his chance - well deserved indeed. It's great getting so many games in after such a long break!