Tuesday, 4 June 2013

More Historic Plastics…

The dabbling with historical miniatures continues. I recently acquired some metal Romans from Wargames Foundry, but today I have some pics of more plastics from Warlord Games.

You may have spotted the Hoplites (above) in the post Seven Models in Three Hours. I actually bought the Spartan box set but discovered that it's simply a Greek Hoplite box with some metal heads in it. I actually prefer the Greek helms to the historically correct Spartan ones (they look like plant pots) so I stuck with the plastic. The kit is pretty good if a tad fiddly. The only real criticism I have, and it's a growing theme with the Warlord stuff, is that the scale seems a little odd. These models are very skinny – I appreciate the Greeks may have been very athletic but this is bordering on under-nourished.

They look good though (or will when painted properly) and the price makes you smile with satisfaction too. Some nice bits on the sprues and I'll be investigating them more in the future.

As part of my Conquest of Gaul box set I bought after Salute I have these Gaul/Celt plastics. Again, great models, odd scale and a bit fiddly with the sticking. These guys are literally four piece models – legs, body/arms, head, shield. The thing to note here is that you can't just stick any body on any set of legs. Certain bodies have an extreme angle where they stick (the guy on the right) and similarly many of the legs have extreme angles too, which has the potential for some very odd poses if you choose the wrong body and leg pairings. Everything sticks together well though and they look great on the table… even unpainted.

I've been using resin bases from Fenris Games with these latest models. I love the 30mm round-edged bases that many of my favourite games employ (Warmachine, Malifaux) and really wanted to use them here, but 30mm is just too big. I discovered at Salute that Fenris do a 25mm resin version and they are perfect. They also do a deep recess version which I will be trying soon to see of I can get a coin in the base for added weight.

That's it for the plastics. I will be adding some command models to these in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for those – including a Roman Optio conversion. In the mean time I have included a photo (above) of the different models I've collected to show the variation in shape and scale… astounding!

See you at Broadside at the weekend!


  1. It's all coming together splendidly!

    1. We are having fun with the historical at the moment!

  2. Very nice work so far and more to come by the look of it :D

    1. Yes, I'm building more models that I will actually paint up properly!

  3. Very nice Mike, see you Sunday!

  4. Great looking minis!!



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